How to avoid common mistakes and extra charges when shipping FCL

Storage charges for your containers and your cargo at the ports of destination will start within a few days of arrival, before the cargo is shipped to the destination port, your notified party on the Bill Of Lading shall be notified of the arrival of the container and import procedures. Usually, it is a notification of arrival sent via e-mail to the consignee, it can also be a phone call, so please ensure the notified party is expecting this contact and that all contact details are valid, again to avoid any delays.

Send us either original or copy set via email as far in advance as possible and please when possible put us on the Bill Of Lading as the notified party and we will handle the procedures and ensure we do everything possible to avoid any extra charges from the shipping line and the port of destination.

Do it quickly. Your free or paid storage time of the parked container port or container yard is limited. Depending on the destination port, the storage time can be from 5 to 14 days usually some lines offer less free time than that and will charge the first day even if the vessel arrives at 22.00hrs you will still lose that day from your free time, weekends and bank holidays are usually charged even if the port of destination is closed. After that, you have to pay separately for storage service, and this can greatly increase the overall cost of delivery.